FUOTUOKE Postgraduate School fees Schedule for 2021/2022 Academic Session

FUOTUOKE Postgraduate School fees Schedule for 2021/2022 Academic Session December 24, 2021Leave a comment

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The management of Federal University Otuoke, has released the school fees schedule for the 2021/2022 Academic session.

Postgraduate School Fees Schedule

                                                                                                     PRE-ADMISSION PAYMENT
 Cost ItemFirst Year              Subsequent Years
 Application Fee                                                   15,000.00                                                     nil
 Acceptance Fee                                                   30,000.00                                                     nil
                                                                                                                 POST-ADMISSION PAYMENTS
1Tuition Professional courses/MSc/PGD                                                   40,000.00                                                     40,000.00
 Tuition Professional courses/MPhi/Phd                                                   60,000.00                                                     60,000.00
2Transaction (Bank Charges)                                                      1,000.00                                                      1,000.00
3Examination Fee                                                   12,000.00                                                     12,000.00
4Medical Fee                                                   10,000.00                                                     nil
5Post Graduate Devt Levy                                                   10,000.00                                                     nil
6PG Prospectus                                                   10,000.00                                                     nil
7I.D Card                                                      1,000.00                                                     nil
8Caution Fee                                                      5,000.00                                                    5,000.00
9Univ. Development Levy                                                   10,000.00                                                      10,000.00
10library develovepment levy                                                      5,000.00                                                5,000.00
11Library registration fees                                                      5,000.00                                                     nil
12SPGS journal & Publications                                                      5,000.00                                                       5,000.00
13Faculty Registration Levy                                                      2,000.00                                                       2,000.00
14Departmental Levy                                                      3,000.00                                                       3,000.00
15Supervision Fee                                                   10,000.00                                                     10,000.00
17PG Students’ Union                                                          500.00                                                           500.00
18Sports                                                      1,000.00                                                       1,000.00
19Certificate Verification                                                      2,000.00                                                      nil
20 Graduation Fee                                                      7,000.00                                                      nil
21 Bench & Workshop Lab fees Science Courses 20, 000.00                                                     20,000.00
 Bench & Workshop Lab fees Other Courses                                                      5,000.00                                                       5,000.00
22ICT Charge                                                   10,000.00 
23SPGS Conferences & Seminars                                                      1,000.00                                                       1,000.00
24Entrepreneurship                                                      2,000.00                                                    nil
 TOTAL FEES SCIENCE COURSESPGD/MSc-172,500 Professional Courses/MPhi/ Phd-192,500PGD/MSc- 115,500 Professional Courses/MPhi/ Phd- 135,500
 TOTAL FEES OTHER COURSESPGD/MSc-157,500 Professional Courses/MPhi/ Phd-177,500PGD/MSc- 100,500 Professional Courses/MPhi/ Phd- 120,500

The following fees below are supplementary fees payable when due at the Postgraduate School

  • Plagirism Test
  • Faculty Defence fees
  • External Defence fees

For FUOTOKE School Fees Payment, consult us on 08061783878 or Chat on Whatsapp below

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