How to Make Money on Campus in Nigeria as a Student

How to Make Money on Campus in Nigeria as a Student December 30, 2021Leave a comment

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Life can be hard as a student, but harder when money isn’t trickling in. It can be a so challenging to focus on studies when you constatnly think of how to make money. In this article, we will discuss how to make money on campus in Nigeria.

Getting an extra source of income apart from the monthly pocket money that comes from home, is definitely a difficult thing for many students. But Here are various businesses you can do and earn Big on campus.

  •  Start Tutoring

Teaching your peers in school on a particular subject you’re grounded at, or offer lessons to the young ones around you, can be a good source of income as a student. As a tutor you are not limited to students around you. You can take advantage of the internet and tutor classes online.

  • Sell Data and Airtime

Data is a daily need for everyone. Students especially like to stay connected to their mobile devices. You can become a distributor of data for the various data needs of students. You can start up by signing up with small scale virtual top businesses and use your circle of friends and neighbours as your startup network.

  • Sell Clothes

Students are fashion-driven and would try their best to look good all the time. You can go into buying clothes in bulk and become a retailer selling clothes at reasonable prices so most students can afford them.

  • Hair Cut/Dressing

Barbing and hair dressing is another avenue to make money for students,Are you good in barbing, making hair, styling and fixing of weavons? Please start immediately. The interesting fact is that You don’t need a shop to start.

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  • Graphics/Web Design

Graphics and web design is an hot cake for students and even adults. Stundent who design fliers, website, handbills or other graphic works can join fiverr or upwork and put up your portfolio. mastery of the skill and putting up a good portfolio will go a long way in providing steady customers.

  • Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a relative simple business that does not require any training. You can outsource anything and still earn big. All you have to do is identify the need or problems of people around you find a good product or service that can solve their issues show samples to them, get the job and outsource to a good product seller or service provider.

  • Baking

This is a good opportunity for students skilled in baking. Lots of Birthday Parties and seminars go on everyday on campuses. All you have to do is network your business and make people aware of what you do. The key to more customers is the quality of your pastries and you responsivness to customers needs.

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  • Blogging

Another highly profitable online job you can do without so much of an effort in Nigeria as a student is  blogging. All you need is the skill to write  well and provide people with engaging contents. These contents would either solve a problem or inform your subscribers about something.

Once you have your blog going, this could provide for a multiple stream of income. Some which are advertising, affiliate marketing, and info-products on your blog. You could learn more about blogging here.

Here are different options on how to make money on campus in Nigeria as a student. Above all having a good saving habit and spending wisely helps a lot. You can choose to invest part of you savings in safe platforms to create passive income for yourself.

Good luck guys.

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